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The Most Common Auto Repairs

We all know that even new cars require regular maintenance to keep them functioning their best. Parts get worn out from age or use. But what are the most common auto repairs in the nation across all makes and models. According to research conducted by IMR Inc., an industry leader in automotive research, the top 10 most common vehicle repairs performed by vehicle owners and their trusted repair shops are:

  1. Oil/oil filter changed
  2. Wiper blades replacement
  3. Replace air filter
  4. Scheduled maintenance
  5. New tires
  6. Battery replacement
  7. Brake work
  8. Antifreeze added
  9. Engine tune-up
  10. Wheels aligned/balanced

As you can see many of the items on this list are to be expected, like the tune-up or the battery replacement. The larger parts and systems in the car were built to last so they don’t usually break down till the car has 100,000 miles on it. At Tower Bridge Auto of Stockton we excel at taking care of these older high mileage vehicles. We want you to get the most out of your car and have peace of mind knowing that a skilled technician is ready to help you anytime during our normal business hours. We are backed by great staff. Good attitudes from the owner, Luis, to the receptionist.

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